Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching up

As promised, I have return to post the Gracie with a Purse photo from Saturday. Notice the ever present binky. I've been trying to hide them and having little success.


And another one...because they are so fun!


When we arrived at Nana's on Saturday, we were surprised to find a new friend. Meet Cooper, Nana's new Golden Retriever. He's 9 weeks old and very sweet. He's calm, but loves to play. Unfortunately, Lukie is terrified of him.


Gracie is getting better. She doesn't cry as easily when he gets closer to her, but Lukie is so afraid that he followed me around and around crying and holding his hands up for me to hold him.

Hopefully, Lukie will get better with Cooper. Otherwise, we will have to find another place to visit Nana. Boo.

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