Monday, January 19, 2009

How we get around

Grandma asked me the other day how I got the Twinsies into the apartment all by myself. She was very concerned that I was struggling to do it. I reassured her that we have the best tool ever: the Duoglider. When we found out we were pregnant with twins, Eddie and I went shopping for a stroller. We saw the Graco Duoglider and fell in love. It was easy to manuever, it had two spaces for the infant seats and it seemed like a good stroller. Since then, we've decided that it isn't as wonderful as we thought it was.

However, right now, it is perfect. The Duoglider is being used as a shuttle from the car to the apartment and from the apartment to the car. Gracie and Luke now understand that if we are getting into the stroller, we are on our way to the car.

Here's what they looked like as I was packing the car. They were patiently waiting and occasionally eating Mini Teddy Grahams.


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