Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mass - Our First attempt goes horribly awry

I've promised myself that I am going to go to mass this year. Nothing huge, just 12 times. Once a month would be wonderful considering we haven't been going at all!

Last night, Gracie and Luke spent the night at Nana's house and I drove out to pick them up this morning so that we could go to lunch with our friends. Nana was reading at Mass today, so I decided to see if I could check off one of my 12 Masses for the year.

Let me put it this way, if I hadn't had Teddy Grahams with me, there would have been a nuclear meltdown in the church! One Mommy and 2 toddlers does not equal a good time. The first thing they did was pull every prayer book and song book out of the pew. I solved that by sitting both of them on my lap. They were interested in the lights and flowers. Lukie was especially enjoying the Christmas trees. When they saw Nana walk up with the priest, Gracie shouted a loud "Hi!" and waved at Nana. I managed to keep her quiet with a quick Teddy in the mouth. They kind of liked the music. Kind of. But then, Nana had to go up and read and I was left by myself.

Dear Lord in Heaven, I am so sorry for the words I said in my head! Please, please forgive me!

Lukie tried to wriggle off of my lap and when I would not let him down, he started to yell. Gracie cried every time her supply of teddies fell short. Then, Lukie pulled his famous "Throw the binky and they'll put me down" trick - to no avail. Nana came back and held Gracie, who immediately started to cry because I was not holding her. When Nana stepped out of the pew to remove the screaming Gracie, Lukie chucked his binky at Nana's back. I am not kidding! You could hear the collective GASP! that came from the parishioners throughout the church. This is not an exaggeration. Nana sat us in the second pew and, in the semi-circular church, everyone saw what he did. That was the end!

So we officially made it to the beginning of the homily. Nana helped me take them out to the car. We hightailed it away from the church and headed straight for McDonald's. French fries made the Twinsies feel better and an iced tea did the trick for me. About 5 minutes later, they were both asleep.

Oh, well. Better luck next time!

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  1. OH this is too funny! And scary! My twins are only 12 weeks, so this is a small peek into my future...AHHHH!!!

  2. Oh Jennifer! How very brave of you to take the twins to Mass. I was scared to take my three year old. I won't even attempt to take the twins until they are at least two or three. Since my husband will not set foot into a church. I hope next time is better!


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