Thursday, January 8, 2009

Family Time

After I picked Gracie and Luke up from day care this afternoon, we fought traffic and went to visit Daddy in the hospital. They hadn't seen him since Monday. To prepare for the visit, we stopped at McDonalds and got some chicken nuggets, apple dippers, and a parfait for good measure. I figured it was best to come armed with food just in case they went crazy!

Daddy's hospital is new. I remember the old one. shiver. It was awful. This one is shiny and new and actually looks like a place you can get well in. He must know someone in power, because he is in a corner room on the 5th floor. Very large and has some great views of the Valley. Gracie and Luke were clearly happy to see Daddy and we snapped this shot of the happy reunion.


We did not last long, because, as suspected, hospitals are only fun if you get to run around and tear tubes out of people's arms. Since I was not about to allow the Twinsies to terrorize the patients, we decided to leave.

Daddy (a.k.a. Eddie) told us that he had the tube removed from his throat this afternoon and that he had finally been able to drink some things. He hadn't had any food or water since Monday and all he wanted was the biggest glass of water with a straw. The doctor told him that they would see if he could keep down liquids and if he could, that might mean the blockage in his intestines was gone. Unfortunately, shortly after drinking some apple juice and having some Jello, he started throwing up again. This is not a good sign. The doctor said that vomiting would indicate that the blockage was still there and Daddy would have to have surgery to remove it. We are all very anxious now.

Please continue to keep Daddy/Eddie in your prayers. He is go grateful for the love and kindness he has received thus far. You are all angels.

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  1. Gracie looks like she could just stay there and spend the night. Lukie has the look on his face like, "yeah yeah...just let me down. I have to check this place out first!"

  2. I hear you! My boys didn't last long in the hospital when they visited me a few days ago. It was a mad house and I had to kick them and Nick out before I became sick but got sick after all. They need to set up a kid playroom because we parents need to see our kids! :-)


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