Friday, January 16, 2009

I see possible photos everywhere

This Project 365 thing has me looking at the world differently. Every moment I am with Gracie and Luke, my mind is constantly framing photos of them. Today, it started with Gracie's smile when I went in to get them ready for Grandma and Grandpa's house. Then, when Lukie sat in the middle of the livingroom to cry because I would not hold him (his binky was half in his mouth and looked in danger of falling out at any minute). Another photo op was Gracie walking around with my medicine bag hanging from her arm. She was so happy carrying it, that she would turn the other direction every time I approached her.

Other photos I saw in my mind today:

  • the way the Twinsies looked when they say Grandpa waiting for them outside the car window.
  • the way they looked in Grandma and Grandpa's arms as they entered the house and I left for work.
  • the scrunched up crying sad faces when I arrived at day care and did not pick them up the moment I walked through the door.
  • the happiness on their faces when they saw Abuelita again in the evening.
  • the sweet look of innocence as they slept through me getting them out of the car and into their beds.

So many photos, so many memories. I feel sad that I may not remember all of these things as time goes on. I am notorious for my awful memory. Maybe this is what Project 365 was meant to do: make you look at your life with new eyes, see each little moment as a special memory, and to capture those memories so that you won't forget them.

***For the record, I did capture a picture of Gracie carrying my bag around on her arm. Unfortunately, my camera appears to have been left in my car. So, I'll have to post it tomorrow.

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