Friday, January 2, 2009

Tio Joey Reads to the Twinsies

Gracie and Luke were up early today. It might have had to do with my alarm going off at 6:30 and Tio Joey calling Daddy's cellphone at 6:45 am! Tio Joey and Daddy were off to the airport to pick up the abuelos and great-grandma. While he was waiting for Daddy, Tio Joey took some time to read to Gracie and Luke. It was fun listening to him. Sometimes, I forget that he is a daddy, too! He has a great way of reading children's books and the Twinsies loved listening to him. He read four books, including the favorite Moo, Baa, La, la, la!

Here's a picture I caught of them while Tio Joey was reading.


It was right before Gracie managed to strip off her diaper and go streaking through the living room!

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