Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lunch - Tire - Teeth

Today, we ate lunch with Richard, Elena, Josh, Vickie, Marci, and Nino Joe. We haven't seen Marci and Nino Joe since we said good bye to Nino Joe's mommy who passed away at the end of September. We were very excited to see them again!

We all met at Applebee's for our meal. It started out a bit rough, mainly because we were so late. Gracie and Luke were so hungry that they were being a tad monsterous (a word which here means obnoxious and upset). Luckily, our server was awesome and got things to us quickly. We had an awesome time visiting and telling stories. Vickie played with Gracie throughout the meal (she's a keeper!) and Josh got several head-butts from Luke.

After the meal, we took a walk to burn off some of the zillions of calories we had just consumed. We ended up at the movie theater on the other side of the parking lot. It was crazy cold, but we let the Twinsies run around in the huge space. Vickie and Josh had fun chasing Gracie and Luke. Luckily, it wore them out!

Here's some video:

When it got too cold, we headed out to find a tire place to see if they could fix my tire. I have a nail in it and the low pressure warning light came on a few days ago. We finally found a Firestone that was open. I literally walked in at 4:58 pm (they closed at 5 pm). They were nice enough to take my car (Thanks, Gil!) and so, we got the Twinsies out of the car and let them run around the showroom. They kept sliding on the floor, which must have been waxed in recent days. So my picture of the day is of the Firestone sign, even though they could not fix my tire and wanted to sell me a new one.

The little bit of glare is from my car window. Gil was looking at me funny when I was trying to take a picture outside. I had to take this from inside my car. I wonder if he thought I was a mystery shopper?

Finally, we got home and headed straight for the bath. Daddy was kind enough to take over batheing duty while I put some clothes away. I spray this Elmo foaming soap on the wall of the bathtub because the babies love to spread it around and put it on each other. Tonight, Lukie decided it would make a good mustache! Then, I convinced them that they wanted to brush their teeth.

All in all a busy, fun day!

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