Saturday, January 3, 2009

You know she's a girl when...

She starts carrying bags around the house and likes to wear scarves!

Gracie was up early this morning, so I got up with her (I'm the only one who will) and we made our way out to the living room. We turned on Sesame Street and she lost interest pretty quickly. She'd already seen that episode. Why watch it again? She slid off the couch and disappeared to another part of the living room.

I have to admit that I kind of fell asleep again, but work with a start when the Elmo song came on. I looked around the living room and saw my little girl sitting quietly in the brown chair, talking to a little toy in her hands and wearing my scarf.

I had to chase her to get this shot, but you'll have to agree, she's pretty darn cute!



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  1. So cute!!!!! Lyv has carried a purse since she could walk LOL!

  2. Put Paigey down on the bag-carrier list! I have to keep her away from people because she will actually try to steal their pocketbooks from them. Half the time, when she does get ahold of one, she is always getting up off the floor because they're too heavy for her to hold.


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